Terms and Conditions

for motor boat renting with captain on Vltava river

I. Introduction

These general conditions of boat rental regulate the rights and obligations of the lessee (referred to hereafter as the “Client“) and the lessor - Boatago.cz – Milan Vrána, IČ: 61666793 (referred to hereafter as the: Boatago) in accordance with relevant laws of the Czech Republic.

II. Period of rental

The period of rental is always strictly defined in online order or booking reservation and following payment of booking deposit for boat rental. Within the order, the client is oblige to agree with Boatago GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Basic boarding places are anchor spots:

  1. Riverbank Vltava, under Railway bridge, bank Prague 2, GPS – latitude 50.06705, longitude 14.414691
  2. Riverbank Vltava, under Jirásek bridgebank Prague 2, GPS – latitude 50.075644, longitude 14.413522
  3. Bank Prague 5, under Palacký bridge, GPS – latitude 50.072762, longitude 14.410609

Within online rental on www.boatago.cz reservation, the client is required to pay reservation deposit via gopay (payment gateway).

The boat will be ready at the chosen boarding spot in 30 minutes after receiving confirmation SMS.

Additional payment will be paid immediately after boarding, either in cash or by credit card (by card only after previous client´s announcement).

Cruise takes always 60 minutes including boarding and landing with possibility of extension only in case there are no reservations immediately thereafter.

Return and landing will be at the same place as boarding.

It is possible to arrange other spot of landing within shipping chambers Smíchov-Modřany – but only at places suitable for landing and allowed for small boats anchoring.

III. Price and payment conditions

Boatago is entitled to be paid for its services in advance and clients are obliged to pay the service before the cruise.

Price lists are stated at www.boatago.cz and at respective boats.

Price for hour is final price including boat renting, captain services, fuel, using security and life-saving instruments.

Both for online reservation (boat is ready in 30 minutes) and booking for following days, payment of irreversible deposit is required. Pets on boards are allowed only with previous agreement of Boatago.

IV. Rights and obligations

Clients are entitled to be provided properly with arranged services including all information.

In case that client doesn´t board boat in time, Boatago is entitled to shorten the cruise by this delay or cancel it. In such a case, Boatago reserves the right to retain whole deposit paid to date.

Boatago provides boarding boat on time at arranged boarding spot. Boat will be in appropriate technical condition. In case of floods, lack of water, limitation of chosen stretch (due to floods or drought), damage of the river or other incidents that cause a cruise impossible or difficult, Boatago can decide to change the spot of boarding / landing. This possibility relates to the situation when incident complicating traffic occurs on the cruise route. This change cannot be the reason for complaint.

In justified cases (breakdown, incidents, etc.), Boatago is entitled to provide substitutive boat of the same of higher category (parameters). In such cases clients are not entitled to complaint.

V. Cancellation conditions:

In case of cancellation, client will pay whole booking deposit.

VI. Complaints:

Clients are obliged to announce their requests immediately. In case of complaints, client is obliged to apply without useless delay directly to Boatago.cz, so that possible deficiencies could be eliminated right on the spot. If complaint is not applied immediately client´s claims for compensation of damage, that could be prevent by early announcement, reduce or cease to exist.

Object of complaints could not be these situations:

Object of complaints also could not be the duration of boat delivery and minor difference of boat design compared to catalogue picture.

In case of boat motor failure which is not caused by the lesser:

VII. Conclusion

By agreement with General terms and conditions (online order) or signature General terms before set sail, clients agree with their protected personal data processing including identification numbers in accordance with § 5 section 2 of the Personal Data Protection Act (101/2000).

Boatago is entitled to process provided personal data for the purpose of offering its services and acquisition. Client is entitled to cancel this agreement anytime in written form.

These conditions come into force 1st of June 2015

By the agreement client confirm that he/she has read this entire document and agree to all its terms and conditions.


In Prague 1st of June 2015